ABLOY OF423 Cabinet Lock

ABLOY OF423 Cabinet Lock
ABLOY OF423 Cabinet Lock
ABLOY OF423 Cabinet Lock
ABLOY OF423 Cabinet Lock

Modern design. Simplicity in assembling. High level security. Improved usability. All good reasons to choose new ABLOY® VEGA.

ABLOY® VEGA cabinet locks are suitable for a wide range of applications including office furniture, lockers, cabinets, storage chests, wardrobes, sliding doors, display cases and other fittings. All ABLOY® cabinet locks have a uniform, exquisite design to meet the high quality design requirements of your office.

The unique ABLOY® cylinder construction, patented cylinders, strict key control and extensive masterkeying capabilities make ABLOY® cabinet locks ideally suited for the most demanding applications.

Unique construction
Based on a unique operating principle which employs rotating detainer discs, ABLOY® cabinet locks offer many advantages over other locking systems.

Resistance to harsh conditions
The ABLOY® cylinder contains no springs or pins which mean that they can operate in a wide range of environmental conditions. All the components are highly resistant to wear, dirt, moisture, corrosion or freezing conditions.

Masterkeying capabilities
The several million different key combinations available mean that the ABLOY® cylinder offers extensive master keying possibilities. All ABLOY® cylinder products can be made to operate with just a single key.

The disc control system and symmetrical key make ABLOY® cabinet locks easy to operate.

Virtually pickproof
Only the correct key can align the gates on all the discs and permit the locking bar to disengage the cylinder from the housing. The ABLOY® PROTEC cylinder employs a new, patented disc blocking system (DBS) which makes it impossible to manipulate the cylinder so that it opens without the correct key.


Keying Platform



  • Length of key housing: 28mm
  • Number of rotating discs: 7
  • Cannot be masterkeyed with door lock cylinders

Materials and finish

  • Cylinder: Chromium plated zinc
  • Cylinder housing: Chromium plated brass
  • Bolt: Stainless steel