ABLOY EL502 Solenoid Lock

ABLOY EL502 Solenoid Lock
ABLOY EL502 Solenoid Lock
ABLOY EL502 Solenoid Lock
ABLOY EL502 Solenoid Lock

ABLOY EL502 is typically used in the interior doors of business premises and educational buildings. The locks include a special double action bolt for quick and easy use and offer a cost-effective way of electric locking without compromising performance. The locks can be controlled by a variety of electrical impulse generating equipment such as card readers, keypads and timers. The locks can be connected to automatic swing door operators and are an excellent solution for access control systems. The new revolutionary adjustable backset feature offers unique flexibility that's never been available before. Because of its symmetrical trigger bolt, ABLOY EL502 can be used in double swing doors. The lock can always be opened mechanically by key or by thumb turn and the bolt deadlocks automatically when the door closes.

Key Features

  • Field selectable Fail Safe/ Fail Secure configuration
  • Non Handed Symmetrical trigger bolt
  • Visual Lock Status indicator
  • Immediate release of Deadlocking
  • Push or Pull operation
  • Wide Operating Voltage
  • Backset 50mm


  • Offices
  • Timber doors
  • Storage rooms
  • Suitable for use with 5002 swingdoor operator
  • Consulting rooms

The EL502 is not recommended

  • For use in doors with seal force
  • For use in fire doors

Note: EL502 replaces EL512 and EL513


12-24 Vdc -10%/ +15% STAB

12V Max 550 mA, Normal 240mA
24V Max 270mA, Normal 110mA

Microswitch 0.4A 30V AC (Deadlock status)

Operational temperature range -20°C to +60°C

Case/ Cover
High Purity zinc alloy



Double action latch 14.5mm

Door Clearance
3-5 mm

ABLOY classic or Abloy Disklock Pro
Scandanavian oval type

Recommended cable: 18AWG (0.82mm2) cable runs up to 30m

ABLOY Architectural Hardware

Standard Finishes
Chrome plated forend, lock case yellow chrome plated

Specification Statement
This mortice lock must consist of High grade pure zinc alloy, the lock needs to have a backset 50mm. The latch bolt must be no less than 14.5mm with complete double action trigger. The voltage must be variable between 12-24Vdc with tolerance of 15% up or 10% down. The lock and unlocked status must be fully monitored by means of dry contacts.

Part numbers
Ordering Information


Description Part Number
EL502 Electric mortice Solenoid Lock EL502
Cable 6m for EL502 EA211
ABLOY Lead Cover EA280
ABLOY Lead Cover Long EA281