ABLOY EL648 Motor Lock

ABLOY EL648 Motor Lock
ABLOY EL648 Motor Lock
ABLOY EL648 Motor Lock
ABLOY EL648 Motor Lock

The EL648 is a heavy duty motor lock with hook bolt for narrow style doors. They provide superior mechanical strength against physical attack. The EL648 is used in high security auxiliary lock in applications such as gates and exterior doors of industrial premises, shopping centres, business premises etc. The lock is especially suited for sliding doors as it can be installed in the door frame or the door leaf. EL648 is ideal for night locking that requires greater strength and security. The lock can be controlled by a variety of electrical impulse generating equipment such as a card reader, keypad or timer. This lock is suitable for use with sliding door operators.

Key Features

  • High security motor bolt.
  • Lock case is connected with a separate control unit.
  • 12-24Vdc operating voltage
  • Configuration of deadbolt either 14mm or 20mm
  • Increased protection against manipulation
  • Striker plate includes door position magnet.
  • Fully monitored, bolt in/bolt out, door position manual operation
  • Can configure lock in fail safe and fail secure (Backup card required to set the lock case to go to desired position in case of power failure)

Note: Lock requires EA460 Control unit to operate.


24Vdc ± 15% stabilised

Idle 70mA, Normal 150mA and Max 750mA

Door position, Bolt Position Mechanical trigger

Operational temperature range -25°C to +70°C

Case/ Cover
High purity Zinc alloy construction

25mm or 35mm

Bolt throw: 22mm Hook bolt

Scandinavian oval type, Finnish type

Recommended cable: 18AWG (0.82mm2) cable runs up to 30m

ABLOY Architectural Hardware

Standard Finishes
Chrome plated steel forend, yellow chrome, lacquered lock body.

Specification Statement
The mortice lock must consist of high grade pure zinc alloy. The bolt must be controlled by means of motor and the shape of the bolt must be in hook shape for added security. A separate controller needs to be connected to the lock to enable trigger and monitoring functions. The voltage must be variable between 12-24Vdc with tolerance of 15% up or down. The following parts need to be fully monitored; bolt position, door position by means of dry contacts. The lock must be suitable for internal and external use.

Part numbers
Ordering Information


Description Part Number
EL648 Electric mortice Solenoid Lock EL648
Cable 6m for EL648 EA214
Strike plate with integrated magnet EA300
Control Unit EA460
ABLOY Lead Cover EA280
ABLOY Lead Cover Long EA281