CLIQ Connect keys


CLIQ Connect keys utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy technology in the key, allowing the key to be remotely updated via the CLIQ Connect mobile application. The key must be paired with the mobile phone before it can be updated. Updating the key via the CLIQ Connect app is comparable to updating the key in a Wall Programming Device. So your mobile phone, the CLIQ Connect app and a CLIQ Connect key replaces your standard CLIQ key and a Wall Programming Device. Note, you need network coverage to update the key via the CLIQ Connect app.

It is also possible to update the key via the CLIQ Connect app without the need for network coverage. A PIN code will be needed instead. This will provide an additional layer of security. Note, the CLIQ administrator in CLIQ Web Manager can still require the key holder to update the key via the CLIQ Connect app “in connected mode” (when the mobile phone has network coverage) on a regular basis as specified by the administrator. A “connected” update will send the audit trail data back to the software while a PIN update won’t do that.

CLIQ Connect Online keys differ from the latter version in regards to the update procedure. A CLIQ Connect Online key will automatically be updated when the key is inserted into the cylinder, and the key will only open the cylinder once the update has finished. The opening sequence will approx. take 5-10 seconds. The access decision is done during the opening which provides real-time access management and audit trail. It should be noted that if the mobile phone is not available, turned off, the CLIQ Connect app is not running or the mobile phone has no internet connection then the CLIQ Connect Online key will not be able to open the cylinder. This makes the CLIQ Connect Online key a solution suitable for special users/customers that require the highest possible level of security and monitoring while accepting the fact that the opening of a cylinder will take a few seconds.

CLIQ Connect keys and CLIQ Connect Online keys can be mixed in the same system if needed.

CLIQ Connect keys are also available as C-keys.

CLIQ Connect keys will need to be paired with the mobile in order to be able to be updated via CLIQ Connect mobile app. Pair a CLIQ Connect key with the mobile by first removing the battery from the key for 45 seconds. Then insert the key again and search for the key in CLIQ Connect app. You can pair several CLIQ Connect keys to the mobile if needed.