CLIQ Go is a new and unique electronic access control solution for small to medium size systems. It allows end users to manage keys and access rights on the go via the CLIQ Go app. Access control has never been easier. Just download the app and activate your system. Hand out the keys to the key holders, define their access rights and program the keys. It is that simple. CLIQ Go is also available as a web site for easy access from a PC.

Key holders can update their keys using the CLIQ Connect app. Pair a CLIQ Connect Mobile PD to the phone or connect a Local Programming Device directly to your phone (Android only). Alternately install CLIQ Connect on your PC and connect the Local Programming Device to the PC and update the key.

CLIQ Connect Keys can be updated via mobile phone without the need for a programming device. CLIQ Connect Keys can communicate directly with a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Key Features

  • Change the access rights via the CLIQ Go app anytime, anywhere via your mobile phone
  • All three levels of access rights; validity, time schedule and cylinder access can be managed via the mobile phone
  • Key holders can easily update their keys using the CLIQ Connect mobile or PC app
  • The keys can be programmed to operate cylinders but also to block lost keys and extract audit trails from cylinders
  • Expanding the system is easy, just call your local locksmith. They can add additional keys and cylinders to your system and install them in the door. The keys and cylinders will appear in your CLIQ Go app straight away.

Memory structure of keys and cylinders

Access to 300 cylinders can be programmed to the key.
300 cylinder programming tasks (blocking/unblocking of lost/found keys) can be programmed to the key.
Audit trails from two full cylinders can be extracted at a time.

The keys need to be programmed with the access rights in order to open the cylinders. Up to 3,000 individual keys can however be stored in the cylinder’s black list in case of a lost key for instance. 
500 audit trails are stored in the cylinder.