CLIQ Go mobile app

CLIQ Go Mobile App
CLIQ Go Mobile App
CLIQ Go Mobile App
CLIQ Go Mobile App

CLIQ Go app makes managing your CLIQ Go system a truly mobile experience.
The CLIQ Go app can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, the CLIQ Go web site.

You need to activate your CLIQ Go system in the app in order to login. Use the activation code you received from your local locksmith. You can activate CLIQ Go on multiple mobile phones (and PCs).

During the activation you will define a login password. That password it used to login from all activated devices.

In order to update a key you could either connect a Local Programing Device directly to the phone via a USB on-the-go cable (Android phones only) and update the key via the CLIQ Go mobile app or connect a Local Programing Device to a PC and install the CLIQ Connect PC app on the PC.

Another way of updating the keys is to pair a CLIQ Connect Mobile Programming Device to the mobile phone.

CLIQ Connect Keys can be updated via mobile phone without the need for a programming device. CLIQ Connect Keys can communicate directly with a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

The key can also be updated using CLIQ Connect mobile app. However as a CLIQ Go user, it is not needed to use both CLIQ Go and CLIQ Connect mobile app, since the key can be updated in CLIQ Go mobile app directly. The only disadvantage with using CLIQ Go for updating the key is that you need to login, while CLIQ Connect does not require any login. CLIQ Connect mobile app could however be used by the key holders to update their keys.

CLIQ Go mobile app is available for both Android and iPhones.