ABLOY SENTRY Key and 350 Padlock

ABLOY® SENTRY is a new evolution of the unique ABLOY rotating disc technology that provides a smooth and reliable function in every environment.

ABLOY SENTRY is a patented cylinder platform specifically designed for professional end users and original equipment manufacturers. It is an ideal solution whenever high security and resistance in harsh conditions is needed. ABLOY SENTRY is offered in a full range of cam locks, cabinet locks and padlocks.

With ABLOY SENTRY your security is ensured today as well as into the future. ABLOY SENTRY worldwide patents are valid until 2027.

Ideal solution for:

  • Vending, gaming
  • Showcases, museums
  • Transportation
  • Government and defence
  • Telecom industry
  • Mining industry
  • Water industry
  • Power industry


  • Patented until 2027
  • Fully resistant against bumping
  • Durable design and smooth operation without pins and springs
  • AWSTM Anti Wear System – A patented mechanism in the key and cylinder that prolongs the life cycle
  • Key – The ABLOY SENTRY all metal key is a symmetrical design offering convenience and ease of use.
  • Master key capabilities
  • Rear loaded cylinder – Increases security of the cylinder against attack.

Standards and Compliance

European Standard
Cylinders for Locks EN1303:2005 – Classification 16000C62(1)
Padlocks EN 12320 Standard – Grade as listed on this page Padlock Comparison Table

Specification Statement
The Keying System should use rotating disc technology and symmetrical all metal key with a patent life of until at least 2027.

Technical Information

Key Material: Nickel Silver

Active / Passive Key: Passive

Symmetrical / Asymmetrical Key: Symmetrical

Disc Quantity: 11 or 9

Theoretical Combinations: 10 million