ABLOY PL342 Steel Padlock with Raised Shoulders

ABLOY PL342 Steel Padlock with Raised Shoulders
ABLOY PL342 Steel Padlock with Raised Shoulders

ABLOY padlocks provide maximum resistance against physical attack. The hardened, free-spinning protection plate prevents drill bits from penetrating the lock. Further security is provided by the hardened stainless ball bearings locking the shackle at both ends. The highest security can be provided by non-rekeyable construction.

The unique rotating disc cylinder system employed in ABLOY padlocks is effectively pick-proof and enables an extraordinarily wide range of comprehensive master keying options.

By extending the case-hardened steel body to surround the shackle we have made this padlock virtually impregnable against attack by cutting and prying tools.

Suitable for heavy sliding doors, train wagons, trucks, warehouses etc.

  • Grade 4

PL342 is equipped with case hardened boron steel shackle, diameter 10 mm.

For SCEC endorsed secure area applications this padlock must be fitted with a non-rekeyable ABLOY PROTEC or Disklock Pro cylinder.


Grade: 4

Material: Case-hardened steel
Finish: Chrome

Material: Case-hardened boron steel
Finish: Chrome
Diameter: 10mm
Vertical Clearance: 25mm
Horizontal Clearance: 25mm

Number of Discs: 11

Key removable in locked position

Keying Platforms




The ABLOY Padlock range conforms to the draft CEN (Central European Norm) grading standards for padlocks. Durable materials such as hardened boron steel provide effective protection against drilling, sawing, cutting, twisting or shimming.