ABLOY History

The unique ABLOY lock and key was invented in 1907 by Emil Henriksson, an office machinery mechanic in Helsinki, Finland. While repairing a cash register, he realised that the rotating cylindrical disks of the machine were eminently suitable for use as a lock mechanism.

The first locks went on sale two years later and lock production at Ab Låsfabriken – Lukkotehdas Oy began in 1918. The name ABLOY is formed from the letters of this company’s name.

Company history

1907 Emil Henriksson invents the detainer disc cylinder.
1918 Ab Låsfabriken Lukkotehdas Oy (="Ab Lukko Oy") established. Industrial manufacture of ABLOY locks begins.
1920’s ABLOY trademark registered around the world
1924 The first ABLOY importers agreement to Denmark
1928 Avainkeskus Oy, the first locksmiths shop to become ABLOY Authorized later on, was established in Helsinki
Late 1950’s Creation of an ABLOY service network covering whole Finland started
1960 ABLOY locksmith schooling started
Joensuu Factory established, production relocated from Helsinki to Joensuu
1977 Wärtsilä acquires Björkboda factory.
1982 Wärtsilä acquires Anchor Eskilstuna Ab in Sweden.
1988 Wärtsila acquires Primo Oy.
1990 Abloy Oy commences operation.
1994 Abloy Oy becomes part of the ASSA ABLOY Group.
1997 Abloy Oy builds a new door-closer factory.
2007 ABLOY turns 100 years!

Product Evolution

1919 Emil Henriksson obtained a patent for the detainer disc cylinder.
1934 Manufacture of ABLOY door closers started.
1950’s New large key (pre-stage of ABLOY PROFILE) launched
1964 ABLOY padlock achieved 2 gold medals on an international inventors’ exhibition
1976 ABLOY PROFILE key and locking system was launched.
1978 The first ABLOY motor locks were launched.
1980 The first ABLOY door automatics were launched.
1987 The infrared operated locking systems, ABLOY CONTROL and COMBISEC, were launched.
The first key management program, ABLOY WAHTI, was introduced.
1992 ABLOY DISKLOCK PRO key and locking system was launched in exports and in Finland.
1994 ABLOY EXEC key and locking system was launched.
1997 New door closer factory was taken into operation.
2001 ABLOY PROTEC launched
2003 Electromechanical ABLOY IQ locking system based on CLIQ technology was launched.
2006 Electromechanical ABLOY SMARTDISC and ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ locking systems were launched.
2009 ABLOY SENTO key and locking system was launched.
2011 ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ REMOTE was introduced in Australia. ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ REMOTE wins several internal awards.
2012 ABLOY PROTEC2 was launched in Australia